If in Doubt - Throw Nothing Out!

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Making sure you get the information you need.

When you are  relocating, passing on a few things, selling a few pieces or Need to clear an Estate.

We're dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our clients, and that their needs are met and exceeded. 

We serve a wide range of clientele.
We approach every client with a focus on getting your evaluation correct. Whether local dispersal by sale is needed in a set period of time, or your high value items need to be brokered to private buyers or sent to auction.

We help with splitting your estate equally amongst the family or valuing the contents for dispersal.

This is a Turn of the 20th Century Sterling Hong Kong Tankard that was brokered through us.

Personal Property Appraisers are able to valuate everything you own...EXCEPT Real Estate.

Don't be pressured into selling your homes contents without a working knowledge of their value.


It would be to your benefit to get an appraiser in first. Talk to a Liquidation/Downsizing specialist.

Do you have odd pottery pieces and China and don't know where to sell them or for how much?



J. Netley Antique & Collectable Appraisal Services
Specializing in Antiques , Collectables, Estate Valuations and Clearance
Servicing Vancouver Island and Mainland B.C, or ??? Just Ask.
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Got a room or basement that looks like this? Do you need it cleared out?

The things people collect would amaze you. The amount of times clients call me in after (rather than before) 'cleaning up' is mind boggling. At least 90% of the time these clients have thrown out or donated the things they decided were rubbish, and during that process, gotten rid of many items that were worth money to collectors, items that could have brought funds into the estate accounts.

Postal covers, used postcards, old photo albums & photographs, bottles and stoneware, vintage clothing, bicycles, militaria, paintings and prints, books and comics, company trade cards and tokens, glass and porcelain electrical insulators, fishing gear, decoys, this list is almost endless.

Vancouver Island and Beyond- Antique & Collectable

Appraisals . Estate Clearance Specialist & Valuations.

Over 40 years of  Experience in the Antique and Collectable field...constantly keeping up with the Re-use, Re-cycle 

way of looking at things. If in Doubt throw Nothing Out!

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A longtime member of the CPPAG -

Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group