Nothing you have in your home will scare me away or have me running to the 'authorities'.

           You simply need to know what it is...if it's legal to sell (or how to legalize it) and where to sell it.

Doesn't matter if it's Native Indian material, Postcards and Photographica, WW2 German Militaria, Guns,

a Coin Collection or an old Watch.  I have the knowledge, the means and the people to sort it out for you.

                                                                    If in Doubt - Throw Nothing Out!

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This tankard was made circa 1900 in Hong Kong. It was brokered through us and at auction realized $1400 USD, in 2016...prices are higher in 2022.

Don't give old watches to pawn shops or thrift shops. Have them checked them out first!

This is what I prefer you not 'clean up' before I get there. I would rather take the time and get it all sorted can help if you wish! It looks like junk but there were a lot of decent small money makers in here that surprised the owner.

There are people that collect everything under the sun, and I know most of them...

This was a 'Barn Find' Indian Motorcycle that showed up in you have parts (or whole examples) of bikes or cars in your basement or sheds?  Even the small parts or rusty bits can bring good money.

Don't recycle old Stereo Gear, or throw out Vinyl Records....Even a non working Amplifier can be worth money for parts.