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Vancouver Island Estate Appraiser & Associated Liquidation Specialist
 Working Knowledge of ' Most Things Old ' - Jamie Netley

Antique & Estate Appraisal Costs............  I do appraisals for Insurance Purposes, Estate Liquidation or just because you want to know what something is worth.......  Anything for an Insurance Company or requested by an Executor /  Trustee must be in written report form.

 I can sort out what is for recycling, what to send to thrift shops, what to sell.

All initial consultations are free.

   If you call me in to do a walkthrough (with no paperwork on my part) you take notes and I do the talking.....$60 per hour & traveling time one way. The prices I quote off the top of my head will be based on the local market and my (Informed) opinion only.......if you want/need a valuation for  Fair Market Value........it takes time, research and report preparation......A whole different type of appraisal and on a different payment scale.

   If your neighbour will pay twice what I quote.....don't question my seemingly low valuation, take their money, if they feel the need to own that piece at whatever the cost...take advantage of that and help move whatever it is out the door! It's happened.....

    Prices are down for most of the classic 'antiques' collected from the mid 1960's on, as an example - Decent dining room suites were selling for up to $3000 in 1985................you will be lucky to see a $600 result now for the same set, there is a reason...most up and coming consumers (kids) will never have a home or apartment big enough to place these old sets....

Victorian coloured glass coal oil lamps that once sold for $1200 are now worth in the $400 range. But don't be discouraged...a LOT of items that were then of lesser value are now at the top of the $$$$ heap!

   A large number of young buyers now want what they saw in their grandparents homes in the 1950's and 60's..... Mid-Century Modern......something to be aware of.

Vintage Vinyl and Stereo systems are sought after, pre-1970s Jeans and Clothing, old Photo Albums and Postcards...you really don't know till you ask.

   Usually the cost of valuations is worked out on an hourly basis but in extreme situations where there are rooms (or a house and barns) full of items and assorted good and bad 'stuff' then a daily rate can be worked out.

  In one case I had to do so much work (80 hours in the vault alone....sorting paper, stamps, photographica, books and postcards) and piled up so many hours that we worked out a trade on items I could use....the owner and I worked out a price on some material that made us both happy..... and when the hours accumulated to that point.....I hauled the piece away..................

The Canada Revenue Agency calls this type of transaction - "In Kind". It is a legal (and of course taxable) trade...goods for services.

   My time for written appraisals is billed at $75 per hour, that is for the appraisal and for any additional time needed to research the item(s).  I come in and discuss the pieces, make notes and take photos if needed. I do any additional research needed at the office and then produce and deliver the report. Payment will be due when I deliver the report.

   A Canadian Personal Property Appraiser utilizes techniques and prepares reports in accordance with the uniform standards of  professional appraisal practice (USPAP).  The cost for my service varies depending on many factors,  including the  number of items and the amount of time used to research the item(s) and to produce the report.

 I have done estate appraisal work Canada wide.......if you want a discrete and accurate appraisal .... on your timetable.......Inquire via email.............

Any questions?  email - oldstuff@uniserve.com

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