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If in Doubt - Throw Nothing Out!

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If I can give ONE piece of advice that will benefit you, it is:

NEVER take any Gold or Silver, Coins or Jewelry, Bullion, Paper Currency, Military Medals (or anything else) to one of the 'In Town For Three Days Only' Horror Shows. They advertise in the paper and target likely areas with mailed Large Print , Coloured Glossy brochures.

If you have something you just want to sell outright...I can Recommend  people that I GUARANTEE will pay more for your items. Period.

These people are not in town 'For Three Days Only' to help you...they are here to help themselves.....to your valuable items - Cheap.

If you wish to take care of disposing of these things yourself - Get three quotes from qualified shops or persons, then take the quote that amuses you the most. Don't get talked into selling while at a shop getting that quote. Get them all first, and don't reveal those quotes to other potential buyers, they will just up their offer by a couple dollars to get on top...not offer the actual amount they would  in an unknown situation.

For the sake of a starting point- lets assume scrap price on a Canadian Silver Dollar is around $10, you will get quotes at some shops (or the local scrap buyers that haunt flea markets) of $6 each, in others $9.50.... the higher evaluation are the shops that will try to make their end on the collectors value of that coin (or the McDonalds rapid turnover principle) not simply scrap it out. Or, some people will pay higher to put them away in hopes of the value increasing in the future.